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Street Light Automatic Controller

General Features

  •  Since only at the specified time it turns ON/OFF there is conservation of power effectively.
  •  At high/low voltage levels it prevents the STREET LIGHTS from operating.
  •  It performs its operations using ultra modern MICROCONTROLLER.
  •  The motor fits itself well with the Village/Town Panchayats street lights.
  •  It is designed in two types -5000/10000 watts.
  •  Depending upon the temperature conditions the motor itself adjusts for ON/OFF conditions.
  •  We provide 1 year warranty exclusively for our valuable customers.
SRS Niagara

4 different trendier and exclusive models that fits the customers :

  •  Street LighT Timer Controller
  •  Street Light Sensor Controller
  •  Street Light Sunset &Sunrise Controller
  •  Street Light Mobile Phone Controller
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